Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Sevice

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

In a nutshell, Ultrasonic cleaning is a process whereby high-frequency sound waves create cavitation bubbles in a liquid bath of water or cleaning agent. The cavitation bubbles produce high forces that help clean items in a powerful, but minimally abrasive manner while also penetrating cracks and recesses. Removable contaminants include dust, dirt, oil, grease, fungus, and more.

Ultrasonic cleaning is perfect for vinyl because a) it requires zero contact with the record (the cavitations do the heavy lifting), and b) Ultrasonic gets deep into the grooves; many other cleaning methods are much less effective at cleaning those hard to reach deep groove cavities…

I charge £10.00 per LP and £6.00 per single  which includes the cost of return UK postage. 
(Customers outside of Europe please contact for prices)
Discounts offered for multiple vinyl's. please email with your requirements

Post me your record / records ensuring they cannot get damaged (sleeves not required)
Please include, Name, Address, email and phone number

I will contact you to say that the records have arrived

Cleaning Process
1. 5 Minute run through cleaner
2. Apply Surfactant to surface of both sides of disc
3. Re run through cleaner
repeat steps 2 /3 as many times as needed

Place LP into new poly lined inner sleeve and return to customer by signed for  postage

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